Brianna R. Lopez

Photographer, Workshop Instructor, Solo Explorer

“Through my camera, I have found a way to analyze myself within these domains without disruption or distraction from my attachment to familiarity.”

​​Travel, life, experience… Brianna is a photographer, solo explorer and outdoor educator, from Camden New Jersey currently living and working in Los Angeles, CA. She is a self taught visual storyteller with a focus on environmental and lifestyle photography. She developed a travel photography workshop called I Belong Nowhere, where she educates and inspires young adults to travel the world, learn photography and progress towards self awareness and well being.

She is an educator, expedition leader, workshop instructor and mentor. Brianna has taught workshops at Canon Hollywood and Canon Burbank and in 2021 she taught an advanced photography course at Venice Arts in Los Angeles, CA. Brianna has extensive experience in production and photography, almost never putting her camera down. She is a dynamic spirit whose goal is to create beautiful, but more importantly, emotionally impactful imagery.

In 2018 Brianna led her first photography workshops with National Geographic Student Expeditions in New York city, along with teaching a pre-college course in film and photography in Tokyo, Japan for Putney Student Travel. For the next few years she would lead expeditions for National Geographic Student Expeditions in New York, Japan and Yellowstone National Park.

When she is not solo traveling around the world, hosting local hike meetups, or working, she is developing I Belong Nowhere and running her photography and production company.

She received her BA in English Writers Track from West Chester University and is a member of the Black Women’s Photographers Collective.