The first step in a solo travel consultation would be to determine your interests, preferences, and goals for your trip. This could include discussing your desired destinations, preferred experiences and overall purpose. This information will help guide us through the rest of the consultation and allow me to tailor recommendations to your needs.


The second step in a solo travel consultation will involve us discussing your budget and preferences. This could include determining your preferred style of accommodations, activities, and any specific must-see destinations or attractions. Understanding these factors will help me recommend suitable destinations, itineraries, and options that align with the your goals and budget.


The final step in a solo travel consultation would be to provide you with a detailed itinerary, including all of the necessary information such as flight options, accommodations, activities and excursions, health and safety protocols, destination specific historical facts, food recommendations and more. This will give you the ability to book your trip confidently and insure you have the best solo trip possible.