The Next Workshop

I Belong Nowhere is a combined workshop of photography and travel. The focus for this workshop is artistic development, building a relationship with nature (environmental psychology) and travel confidence.

The 4 night 5 day workshop will take place in the central coast of California, exploring the areas of Big Sur, Monterey, and the Redwoods. It’s an intensive that will involve physical activity, early mornings, and exploring new and sometimes desolate locations. 2 days take place in the field and 1 day is half exploration and the other half dedicated to editing and a group critique.


Dates: October 21 – October 25, 2024

Location: Central Coast CA (Monterey, Big Sur & the redwoods)

Cost: $1,200

Contact: (412) 983-3332 or [email protected]

Monday 10/21 arrive in Monterey, CA
Tuesday 10/22 in the field day one exploring Big Sur
Wednesday 10/23 in the field day two exploring the redwoods and Santa Cruz
Thursday 10/24 morning photo shoot, editing day and group critique
Friday 10/25 morning photoshoot and departure


For more information and to sign up for the workshop please use the link below!

The Location

Environmental psychology is the leading theme for the I Belong Nowhere workshops. We first find out what we individually enjoy about the outdoors and create ways to integrate those practices within our everyday lives. With that, our workshops are conducted predominately outside in the field and partially indoors for classroom sessions and editing. Each workshop is tailored to each class or group to provide a top notch experience while also allowing students to create a relationship with their immediate and most accessible space.

On Location we will learn:

  1. Navigation skills, such as using a map and compass or GPS to navigate the outdoor location.
  2. Safety procedures and guidelines for exploring the outdoor environment.
  3. Identification of local flora and fauna, including plants, animals, and insects.
  4. Techniques for preserving and protecting the natural surroundings of the outdoor location.
  5. Interpretation of the ecological and geological features of the area.
  6. Basic outdoor survival skills.
  7. Leave No Trace principles for minimizing impact on the environment.
  8. Outdoor recreation activities that can be enjoyed at the location, such as hiking, camping, water activies, or wildlife watching.
  9. History and cultural significance of the outdoor location.
  10. The importance of responsible outdoor ethics and how to be a responsible outdoor steward.

The Tool

I use the tool of photography to engage people in taking deeper dives into their current environments by encouraging authentic curiosity, artistic expression and travel education. As a professional photographer, the art of photography is practiced, cultivated and discussed so that students experience the full integration of an experience that last a lifetime. Merging the natural world with the technologies of photo making, we learn, make mistakes, find solutions and slowly understand environmental psychology to better maneuver everyday life.


In Photography we will learn:

  1. The fundamentals of photography including composition, exposure, lighting, and focus.
  2. How to work with natural lighting and how it impacts our photos.
  3. How to find the best locations for outdoor photography, including how to take advantage of different backdrops and environments.
  4. How to use camera settings effectively to capture the best outdoor photos.
  5. Learn how to edit and enhance photos using Lightroom and Photoshop.
  6. Learn how to use creative techniques such as long exposures, framing, and perspective to enhance our outdoor photography.
  7. Learn about ethical photo making in the outdoor space including respecting wildlife, the environment and privacy.
  8. Receive feedback and learn how to improve our skills.
  9. Learn how to find inspiration in the outdoors and develop a unique photography style.