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IMG_1039If we were to ever stop and appreciate the distress we witness within those who no nothing of us. To help the helpless who will eventually help you by helping you appreciate all the help that you’ve been given. We are no longer as seen in the eyes of God as our eyes are bright boxes of all sizes pumping images of what the world is supposed to be. Purposefully destroying the decades we have fought so hard for. Or so it seemed. Even I, someone who possesses a balance of things, is confused and perplexed at the images chosen by those who are supposed to govern and protect and help. I have concluded that we must be I in order to give we a chance. They will watch your every move and discourage your greatness and tell the world lies about what you are really not. They will hurt the ones you love, deepen your sadness; evoke your compressed madness just because. Because your greatness threatens and divides and conquers and is alive. Remember, if we were to ever stop and appreciate the distress we witness within those who no nothing of us. To help the helpless who will eventually help you by helping you appreciate all the help you’ve been given.

“One With” sneak peek photo series

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These photos have been sitting on my drive for quite some time now. I’ve been editing them for about the same amount of time and for some odd reason I couldn’t get them out or let them go. No matter how many times I edited this series and switched things around and increased and decreased things, it still never truly stuck. I have been running through tutorials trying to find the “right” way to edit them, but then today something heavy dawned on me. I was holding these photos because I couldn’t find the right way to alter them, when I should have realized that they need no alterations. The idea behind the shoot was natural, free, peace and acceptance so why did it take me this long to apply all those that created it? I have learned through this entire process with “One With” that when something is happily ready as is, we should always let it live. With that being said, I will present my second photos series “One With” soon.

Subject/model: Casey


Forever Brilliant

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We are sometimes discouraged or mindlessly misplaced by the worlds manifested manipulations. We are forever chased by our own sorrows and misfortunes that we mistakenly mislead our own greatness. But, we are power. Like before, we are forced by forces to feel that we are never enough. We are not enough pretty, we are not enough smart, we are not enough body, mind or even soul. However, there is a place untouchable. A place protected by our own positive progressions that plays an important role in who we will become. That is the place that we must forever invest, forever protect and forever embrace. That is what will make all of us Forever Brilliant.

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Subject/model: Brittany Kelly


“Forever Brilliant” sneak peek

IMG_1309 As she once slipped through the roads of forever, her brilliance held tight.

This is a sneak peek of a series called “Forever Brilliant.” As I am constantly on the prowl to find the things that motivate me to create, I am also discovering that creating should have no boundaries or laws or even rules. “Forever Brilliant” is a representation of how we should feel rather than how we do feel. Opening up our souls to accept the most brilliant of things can happen when you least expect it. However, in my world, it is a fact that what you feel is what you are. We are all “Forever Brilliant.” Check back on for “Forever Brilliant” coming soon.

Photographer: Bri Lopez

Subject/model: Brittany Kelly

Night & Day with Jewel


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She has a voice unlike anything Ive ever heard. Though I only was able to listen briefly as she is still perfecting whats next to come, I would like to thank her for giving me the opportunity to be the first to photograph her. The first image is from a series of others that represents her more subtle, sweet and natural side. The second photo represents Jewel as she is becoming more domineering, sure and most importantly strong. This photo shoot in particular, taught me the value of making my subject as comfortable and free as possible. I enjoyed how free she was around me allowing us to work at a steady, but productive pace. These are only 2 of many, but I want to thank Jewel again for allowing me to share these moments with her.

Make Up by: Meghan Knight