Thai New Years Festival








I joined my first photo Meet Up group for some street shooting in Hollywood for the Thai New Years Festival. Though I only met some of them briefly, I highly recommend joining a meet up group that caters to your particular craft and interests.

Im learning that with street shooting, having various lenses could be really beneficial especially if your shooting somewhere that requires just a bit more reach. I also brought along my adjustable FOTGA Fader ND filter that I purchased from ebay. Though prices and options vary for filters, this one only cost about ten dollars and I absolutely love it. I highly recommend using an adjustable filter for street photography as it helps a great deal with over exposure. Sticking to the theme of “over exposing,” I used a light VSCO Cam preset and adjusted shadows, highlights, sharpness and exposure so that the images didn’t look or feel over processed.

My overall experience shooting the festival was just okay. I have not been shooting as faithfully as I should be and I was a bit uneasy and unsure of how my images would turn out. The lesson learned that day is to not over think it and just shoot based of your instinct and feeling. Im sure my next street shooting session will be a lot more gratifying as I won’t put so much emotion and thought into the outcome of my photos.

Brianna Lopez



We are born to be surrounded by things and people and life and feelings and hate and greed and peace and love and maybe even life.


But, there are stages in which we must request solitude. Solitude from the everyday undertakings of  misfortunate fortunes we can sometimes breathe without.


We are miraculously forced to feel as if we need to be in, in order to be whole, when solitary is where we can finally hear our thoughts speak free and our soul’s seek reach.


The beautiful presence you see is Zee

Muspiration: Lupe Fiasco “Blur My Hands”

Noel’s Energy





Since moving to Los Angeles Ive been in a bit of a creative blockade. I haven’t been shooing as much as Id like or creating randomly like I used to and I cant blame anyone but myself. Yes there are circumstances in life that cause your creativity to become a bit stale or unexciting, but it is a must you remain on track. Today, clouds, fog and no sun, I feel like a new person. I feel like I am capable and being capable is all that matters. I used to feel like I couldn’t be great and it wasn’t because I couldn’t be, ¬†it was because I let life’s uncontrollable circumstances make me feel like such. I used to write in my journal every night explaining to God and myself how incapable I was and I really focused on the negative aspects of life. Even now I am a new resident of a city I don’t really know much about, I have to be out of my current place in two weeks, Im only working part time, my car is home and it cost a bit to get it to me, I don’t know where Ill be living in two weeks, nor if I have the money to do so. However, the shit feels great. My life is awesome in so many more ways than what I just listed. My goal in life is to create emotional content for people to look at. And its as simple as that.

I hope you choose to do the same!

Brianna Lopez

Oh these are photos I took back in Philadelphia before I left with my great friend Zamani Feelings and artist Noel. It was her energy in these photos that motivated this post.

Where From


I never speak much of where I’m from, though its nothing I am ashamed of. On some days I find it necessary to get lost in my own valuable peace and meaning of life. This location is my sanctuary. Right across the Delaware river from where I was born. Though very familiar with Philadelphia already, Camden was a place I only grew to understand years later. I sometimes find it really hard to think about the place I’ve spent half my life, yet when I do, I find the time to place gratitude on all its allowed me to become.

As I now sit thousands of miles away on the opposite side of the country,
I am finding peace staring at this photo.

Where you are born should never determine where you’ll end.

Bri Lopez

Our God

IMG_9860 2There is this thing given to us that we will not always know what to do with. There are those who take full advantage of it and those who choose to watch it wither. Some fight and die for what is given and others will never have to lift a finger nor comprehend the concept of struggle. Though these factors of the past and unknown will never be understood, it is our duty to do the best that we can with what we have. Our God has chosen us for reasons we only dream of, not knowing whats concluded.