Where From


I never speak much of where I’m from, though its nothing I am ashamed of. On some days I find it necessary to get lost in my own valuable peace and meaning of life. This location is my sanctuary. Right across the Delaware river from where I was born. Though very familiar with Philadelphia already, Camden was a place I only grew to understand years later. I sometimes find it really hard to think about the place I’ve spent half my life, yet when I do, I find the time to place gratitude on all its allowed me to become.

As I now sit thousands of miles away on the opposite side of the country,
I am finding peace staring at this photo.

Where you are born should never determine where you’ll end.

Bri Lopez

Our God

IMG_9860 2There is this thing given to us that we will not always know what to do with. There are those who take full advantage of it and those who choose to watch it wither. Some fight and die for what is given and others will never have to lift a finger nor comprehend the concept of struggle. Though these factors of the past and unknown will never be understood, it is our duty to do the best that we can with what we have. Our God has chosen us for reasons we only dream of, not knowing whats concluded.



How you feel when you’ve given too much of yourself. A drowning sensation without the struggle. The ability to view exactly whats killing you, but no way to stop it. We are asked by people if we can accept certain things before they even happen. As humans that is not possible to answer as we cant fully comprehend a situation until it occurs. And currently, this is how I’m feeling when Ive given too much of myself. When you support those who don’t support you. When you ask for others if the need, or want, or care and nothing is asked of you. Though we are to never expect anything in return, you should surround yourself with those who feel it necessary to return exactly what it is you give them. I must admit that we live in a society where the idea is to take and not give. A society I don’t think I can be a part of.